Democracy and Co-Government

ACT believes that all New Zealanders should have the same fundamental rights, regardless of race, religion, sexuality or gender.

Law & Order

ACT believes protecting the safety and property of its citizens is the government’s first and most important job. The rights of victims should trump the rights of criminals.


ACT is committed to cutting waste from government and returning that money to New Zealanders through lower taxes and targeted, sensible spending on core public services.


We have some of the highest-performing schools and students in the world, but we also have a long tail of underachievement in disadvantaged communities. Our education system is a slow moving disaster. ACT has a plan for a world-class education system.


ACT is committed to a modern healthcare system which empowers New Zealanders. We would ensure greater collaboration between the public and private sectors, make better use of technology, reduce bureaucracy and have a stronger focus on patient outcomes.

COVID-19 Response, vaccines, and mandates

Labour’s response to Covid has left a long tail of division and resentment. Many New Zealanders are hurt that they were ostracised by a Government that turned its back on them.

Standing up for Rural New Zealand

ACT wants to see the rural sector given the respect it deserves. New Zealand farmers are the best in the world and they’ve had to confront plenty of challenges recently. But they shouldn’t have to face challenges from their own Government.

Fixing the Housing Crisis

ACT’s offers real solutions to New Zealand’s housing woes. We’d get politicians out of the building business and leave it to those who know best – locals on the ground and everyday New Zealanders spending their own money. We would bring New Zealand back to its building heyday.

A World Class Toll Roading System

Anyone who has experienced the state of New Zealand’s roads recently knows that the current system of relying on the Government to maintain them with your taxes isn’t working. ACT would use public-private partnerships and toll roads to bring accountability and revenue to a 30-year plan, supercharging development and maintenance.

Fair Firearms Laws

ACT made a commitment to licenced firearms owners that we would start again and rewrite the Arms Act. Now we are making good on that commitment.

Supporting Seniors

New Zealand’s senior citizens have worked hard and contributed their fair share of taxes, yet the Labour Government has let them down when they rely on government competence the most.

An accountable and humane Oranga Tamariki

Oranga Tamariki has failed our most vulnerable children by avoiding accountability, treating kids as an ethnicity first, and failing to preside over youth justice facilities they never should have been running in the first place. We’ve seen where the current path leads. It’s easier to help a broken kid than a broken adult, ACT will better equip Oranga Tamariki to do just that.


Abandoning people to a life on welfare is a waste of human potential – but that’s what Labour is doing to thousands of New Zealanders right now.

Real Solutions for the Environment and the Climate

Governments have offered up bold environmental policies, but they’re more symbolic than effective. We can do much better. ACT says we can take positive, practical steps towards a better environment by allowing individuals, businesses and communities the freedom to innovate.

Building New Zealand and conserving nature

ACT’s solution for New Zealand’s building New Zealand and conserving nature is one where New Zealanders are free to make the best possible use of their property and our shared environment to live their best lives.


ACT’s vision is to have the best immigration policy in the world, bringing talented people to our shores with minimal rigmarole enabling New Zealand to solve all of its other problems.

Scrapping Three Waters

It is critical that New Zealanders have access to safe drinking water and high-quality infrastructure for storm and wastewater. The current system is not up to scratch, but the Government’s Three Waters reforms are not the answer. ACT’s plan will allow community control of water assets.