Immigration policies affect what sort of society we want to create for our children and grandchildren.

New Zealanders value equality, free speech and the rule of law. ACT believes immigration policy should reflect these values.

ACT believes immigrants should be willing to adapt to and endorse New Zealand’s values.

We are a nation of immigrants and openness to newcomers is part of our national DNA. Today many of our businesses and public services, such as hospitals and universities, either couldn’t function or would be much poorer without the infusion of new people and new ideas.


Advocated for robust immigration policy by arguing that immigrants should go where they want to go, not where a points system tells them to.

Supported the increase in the refugee quota and welcomed individuals who share the same tolerance and fairness that makes New Zealand unique.

Stood up to racism and persecution of immigrants by political opportunists.


  • Continue to be a pro-immigration party, honouring our heritage as a nation of immigrants, while trimming back overly generous entitlements such as pensions after only ten years’ residency.
  • Maintain New Zealand’s values of free speech, free assembly, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, property rights and the rule of law as non-negotiable conditions that all immigrants must accept. We should require new citizens to explicitly sign up to these values, as required in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
  • Pursue a free trade and free movement area between Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom (CANZUK).
  • Charge international school fees to parents who cannot show they were a tax resident for one of the last three years.