Real Solutions for Health

Covid-19 has highlighted how important access to high-quality healthcare and mental healthcare is for leading long and healthy lives. However, the status quo isn’t acceptable. Our hospitals are run down and people are languishing on waiting lists. ACT has real, positive solutions to reform our healthcare system.

Easing the health workforce crisis

ACT has a plan to cut red tape and grow the health workforce so that Kiwis can access the healthcare they need, when they need it.

Transforming Mental Health

New Zealand is facing a mental health crisis. The system is a messy and disorderly mix of DHBs, NGOs, and primary care providers all struggling to be part of a coordinated response. ACT would create a separate, stand-alone Mental Health and Addiction agency on a national scale, which would empower patients to choose between a range of providers, rather than simply accept what their DHB offers.

COVID-19 Response, vaccines, and mandates

Labour’s response to Covid has left a long tail of division and resentment. Many New Zealanders are hurt that they were ostracised by a Government that turned its back on them.

A more civil vaccine policy

A year after the violent break-up of the anti-mandate protests, there is a long tail of division, and resentment.