Stand with Karen Chhour and colourblind state care

Should a child ever be taken out of a safe, loving foster home because the child’s foster parents were the ‘wrong’ race? That's what happened under Labour's 'Section 7AA' of the Oranga Tamariki Act.

Simplify Easter Trading rules

Whether it’s going shopping or having a pint at your local, Kiwis have been frustrated every Easter Friday and Sunday with maddening red tape that dictates how you spend your long weekend.

Help End Race-Based Waitlists

Every New Zealander should have the same rights and equal opportunity – regardless of race, religion, sex, or sexuality.

A Referendum on Co-Government

New Zealand is being transformed into a country where your rights depend on who your ancestors were. Labour is treating people differently based on their ethnic group. The colour of your skin is now more important than the content of your character.

Labour's Cost of Living Crisis

Labour’s wasteful spending and war on business have pushed up the price of everything. Prices have gone up 6.9%, and wages just 2.6%, so you can buy less with your money. Worse, new taxes mean working New Zealanders have even less money. The squeezed middle is getting poorer.

Keep Our Streets Safe

ACT introduced Three Strikes in 2010 to make sure serious repeat offenders get proper sentences and stay in prison longer.

Labour scrapped Three Strikes. This means the worst criminals are serving less time in prison and are now out on our streets.

Labour's ideological goal to reduce prison numbers has put New Zealanders in danger.

Sign the petition to bring back Three Strikes.

Tax relief for hardworking Kiwis

The cost of living is out of control and New Zealanders are feeling the pinch. Meanwhile, the Government is spending your money like it’s going out of fashion.

Tax cuts are not just possible, but necessary. ACT’s fully-costed Real Change Budget shows how.

Speed Up the Clean-Up

Auckland beaches are too often black flagged - unsafe for swimming or any form of recreation. This means that when you take your kids swimming or launch a boat, you could be exposed to dangerous bugs from raw sewage overflows. The average Auckland household will pay Councils Watercare $1224 this year, increasing to $2261 by 2031. ACT believes it is unfair that people who pay water charges on top of council rates should have to swim and play in water contaminated by raw sewage.

What's going up next door?

Under the cover of COVID-19, Labour and National secretly agreed to pass a law that will change the landscape of suburban New Zealand. It would turn all residential land in the five largest cities into the 'Medium Density Residential Standard'.

Stop Labour's interest deductibility change

Labour's housing tax changes are divisive and unfair. They're about blaming Mum and Dad investors and they'll do nothing to improve housing affordability.

The change to interest deductibility will reduce the number of rentals, push rents up, and make it harder for Kiwis to save for their first home.

Sign the petition: Stop Labour's interest deductibility change.

Stop dropping speed limits

A petition for people who actually have places to be and stuff to do. Outside schools is one thing, but a noisy minority are getting in the way everywhere.

Reject Compulsory Unionism

New Zealanders have voted against unions. 70 percent of workers once belonged to a union – now it’s just 20 percent. So Labour plans to force them on Kiwi workers whether they like it or not with “Fair Pay” Agreements.