Law and Order

ACT believes protecting the safety and property of its citizens is the government’s first and most important job. The rights of victims should trump the rights of criminals.

Protecting Public Safety in Sentencing

Cuddling criminals hasn’t worked. New Zealand’s justice system needs to start putting victims first, which means ensuring appropriate sentences for offenders that will keep communities safe.

Tougher Sentences for Attacks on Vulnerable Workers

Workers on the frontline are facing an increasingly violent New Zealand. It’s time to take an approach that puts victims first, so New Zealand’s shopkeepers, taxi and bus drivers, security guards, small retailers and other frontline workers can operate without fear.

Adult Justice for 17 Year Old Offenders

ACT’s policy is one step towards tackling out of control youth crime and creating a safer society. ACT is focused on serious consequences for offenders so fewer young people enter a life of crime in the first place, and justice for victims.