Conservation and the Environment


ACT values the environment. Clean water, fresh air, efficient disposal of waste and the preservation of natural and historical features are all important for quality of life.

We believe that free markets, far from being incompatible with good environmental custodianship, are essential to it. It is wealthy countries (Prosperity), where people take ownership (Property Rights), people pay the true costs of valuable resources and pollutants alike (Pricing), and communities have opportunities to get out and make a difference (Private Initiative) that make the difference, that have the best records on the environment. These are ACT’s four P’s of smart environmentalism.

In future Governments ACT will push to better price roads and water, and set up more wildlife sanctuaries.


ACT included reforming the RMA as one of its 3 priorities for confidence and supply with the current government.
Proposed an ambitious 100 year plan to bring back New Zealand’s original birdsong with at least one wildlife sanctuary in every town.
Fought for better ridesharing laws to reduce congestion and emissions.
Promoted road use pricing to reduce congestion and emissions from vehicle


  • Introduce better water management, where water rights are tradeable, giving owners greater incentives to conserve water and oppose pollution of it.
  • Sell Landcorp, an environmentally harmful Government activity, and put the proceeds into a Sanctuary Trust for applicants who wish to operate inland sanctuaries for native wildlife.
  • Introduce pricing of road use to reduce congestion and emissions, following the examples set in London, Singapore, and Stockholm

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