Promoting opportunity through freedom for all New Zealanders


Freedom to Speak

Freedom of expression is the basis of all freedoms. We need to remove restrictions on freedom of expression and make it clear that it is a critical value for New Zealand.

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Freedom to Be

ACT is a party of tolerance and respect. New Zealanders should be free to live their lives without government interference as long as they aren’t hurting others.

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Freedom to Learn

Our one-size-fits-all education system has failed to adapt and provide every student with a good education. All parents and children – not just the well-off – should have a real choice in education.

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Freedom to Earn

For too long, the tax system has been used for political vote buying and social engineering. ACT's goal is to make New Zealand the most attractive place in the world to work and do business. We want opportunity for all New Zealanders and having the best tax system is part of achieving that goal.

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