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Simon Court ACT MP

Simon is a Civil and Environmental Engineer with 23 years experience in roles for the private sector and local government. This includes ten years leading engineering, planning, tendering, and construction teams primarily in Auckland, Wellington, and Fiji.

Simon believes in the principles of the ACT party where communities, individuals and business lead the way. 

"ACT promotes innovation, not regulation - reducing waste to landfill, bringing real sustainability in construction and building, and clean water in towns and country alike. One task for achieving this is replacing the RMA, which is not fit for purpose and needs to go."

Simon has three boys at high school. They share a love of loud music, fast cars, biking, fitness, good science, and good ideas. His youngest son has Down Syndrome and Simon intends to take a disability perspective to Parliament.

David Seymour on Simon

I am thrilled to have a fellow engineer in the ACT caucus. Simon is the face of modern ACT, bringing an environmental perspective backed by having actually done the business solving large scale infrastructure and environmental problems here and internationally. He will raise the standard of environmental debate in parliament.


Climate Change
Local Government
Energy and Resources


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