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ACT for Real Change

ACT will:

  • Enforce consequences for criminals
  • Slash wasteful government spending
  • End divisive race-based policies

Only ACT will bring the fresh thinking and backbone necessary to ensure that a change of government will be a government of change.

Our Candidates

ACT has always attracted good candidates, people with a love of freedom, with liberal values and who want to work hard to make New Zealand a better place for everyone. This election is no different, and we are pleased to be able to field our strongest list of candidates ever. Read on to find out more about our candidates.

Lily Brown|Mana


Democracy and Co-Government

ACT believes that all New Zealanders should have the same fundamental rights, regardless of race, religion, sexuality or gender.

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Law & Order

ACT believes protecting the safety and property of its citizens is the government’s first and most important job. The rights of victims should trump the rights of criminals.
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ACT is committed to cutting waste from government and returning that money to New Zealanders through lower taxes and targeted, sensible spending on core public services.
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We have some of the highest-performing schools and students in the world, but we also have a long tail of underachievement in disadvantaged communities. Our education system is a slow moving disaster. ACT has a plan for a world-class education system.
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