Labour's Cost of Living Crisis

Labour’s wasteful spending and war on business have pushed up the price of everything. Prices have gone up 6.9%, and wages just 2.6%, so you can buy less with your money. Worse, new taxes mean working New Zealanders have even less money. The squeezed middle is getting poorer.

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ACT's common sense solutions to ease Labour’s cost of living crisis:

1. Cut wasteful spending by $6.8b and keep a lid on government borrowing

2. Simplify the tax system to two rates – 28 per cent and 17.5 per cent – meaning less tax on every earner

3. Stop hitting businesses and productive people with new rules and taxes

4. Rein in the Reserve Bank so it’s focused on prices and nothing else

5. Drop all Covid-19 restrictions that no longer make sense.

Read ACT's comprehensive cost of living plan here.

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