New Zealand at its best is a modern, multi-ethic society that stands proudly in the wider world. The current Government, aided by elements of the public service, academics, and even judiciary, are taking New Zealand down a bizarre and isolated path.

We are told that we are in a Partnership where seventeen per cent of people get half the say, based on birth. There has never been a successful society where some people are born with different political rights than others.

The Kiwi identity is based on free speech, equal rights, and equal opportunity. Now all of those ideas so critical to our identity are at risk because of a silent ideological experiment being foisted on the country in every area from healthcare to three waters management to the education curriculum.

The policies in this section are about restoring democracy and freedom to New Zealand, so that every child born into this country is truly entitled to one five-millionth of the opportunity it has to offer.

ACT's Policies for The Kiwi Identity: