A More Democratic New Zealand

ACT believes in equality before the law regardless of race, sexuality or religion. We also believe in lean, efficient government, that respects New Zealanders' fundamental rights.

ACT believes particular groups of New Zealanders should not have special rights under the law.

We also believe that our democratic institutions have become too large. We have too many members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers. This has not produced better outcomes in health, education, housing and welfare.

New Zealanders would be better served by a smaller number of lawmakers focused on policy and legislative excellence.

We also believe the Government has too much power to run roughshod over the rights of New Zealanders without adequate consultation.

We would restrain the power of the Government to override parliamentary process to cases where there was a demonstrable and significant need for urgency.

ACT Will

  • Remove the Māori seats. The seats are an anachronism and offensive to the principle of equal citizenship. Māori New Zealanders have shown they can be elected to Parliament in general electorates or on party lists without assistance.
  • Reduce the number of MPs from 120 to 100 and restrict the number of Ministers to 20.
  • Require the Speaker to certify that it is in the public interest, rather than simply the Government's political interest, before a bill can be passed under urgency.



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