The ACT Party promotes an open, progressive and compassionate society where New Zealanders are free to achieve their potential and build successful families, businesses and lives.

The ACT Party believes:

  • Individuals are the rightful owners of their own lives with inherent rights and responsibilities
  • The purpose of government is to protect these rights and not to assume such responsibilities.

The ACT Party will promote, develop and pursue policies and proposals which:

  • Encourage individual choice, responsibility and excellence.
  • Enhance living standards for all New Zealanders through sustainable economic growth and international competitiveness. 
  • Enhance choice and diversity, and raise standards of achievement in education. The ACT Party supports partnership with schools and the early childhood education model. 
  • Ensure all New Zealanders have access to world-class health care and security in retirement; provide social and economic support for New Zealanders that genuinely need it.
  • Sustain first-rate national security that protects individuals and their property.
  • Explore and implement practical, innovative ways to protect our natural environment.
  • Maintain sound economic management, including a balanced government budget, price stability and a free and open market economy.
  • Limit the involvement of central and local government to areas where collective action is required e.g. Law and Order, Defence and Justice.

Together, we can achieve a safe, healthy and prosperous country led by a stable, disciplined Government that protects individuals, their families, the environment, and the economy. 

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