The principal object of the ACT Party is to promote an open, progressive and benevolent society in which individual New Zealanders are free to achieve their full potential.

To this end the ACT Party upholds the following principles:

  • that individuals are the rightful owners of their own lives and therefore have inherent rights and responsibilities; and
  • that the proper purpose of government is to protect such rights and not to assume such responsibilities.

According to our constitution, the ACT Party shall promote, develop and pursue policies and proposals which:

  1. encourage individual choice and responsibility and the pursuit of excellence in all fields of human endeavour;
  2. enhance living standards for all New Zealanders through sustainable economic growth and international competitiveness;
  3. enhance choice and diversity, and raise standards of achievement in education;
  4. ensure that all New Zealanders have access to quality health care and have security in retirement;
  5. maintain social and economic support for those unable to help themselves and who are in genuine need of assistance;
  6. provide for the nation’s security and the protection of individual lives and property;
  7. explore and implement practical and innovative ways to protect the natural environment;
  8. maintain sound economic management, including (but not limited to) a balanced government budget, price stability and a free and open market economy; and
  9. limit the involvement of central and local government to those areas where collective action is a practical necessity.