ACT New Zealand

Free speech, free trade, limited and smarter government, the rule of law and secure property rights are at the core of these principles.



On average we will increase teacher salaries by $17,700 per teacher. This will enable the best teachers to stay in the classroom, and elevate teaching as a profession.



Rising government expenditure on health has failed to deliver improved health outcomes for our society, or improved results for patients. We need to make structural changes to the way health is delivered ...


Law and Order

ACT says we need to be both tough and smart on crime. Firstly, we need to ensure the worst offenders are put behind bars. But secondly, we need to stop the offenders who leave prison from returning to criminal activity.



ACT’S fundamental belief is that the government should spend less of your money.

You earned it, and you are the best person to decide how to spend or invest it.



The high cost of housing is pushing costs on to taxpayers as the government increases spending on emergency housing, Income-Related Rent subsidies, and Accommodation Supplements.



ACT promotes more efficient government spending with lower flatter taxes and no new taxes. Less tax leads to a more productive economy with high growth and low unemployment.