Why are we letting a convicted German fraudster and his American polemicists steal our election?

"It is safe to predict that in 12 months time these American polemicists that Mr Dotcom has flown in will be forgotten.

"Next year Mr Dotcom will be in America facing trail and what will be important to New Zealanders will be issues like the economy and jobs,” said Dr Jamie Whyte ACT Leader.

“This why ACT has stayed out of all these so called scandals. 

"I have only talked about our practical solutions to reduce taxes, cut red tape and grow a stronger economy."

Prisoners could earn $90,000: Colin Craig's Incredible Claims Continue

Media Release ACT Party  15 September 2014   Immediate Release

David Seymour:  ACT Candidate for Epsom

Prisoners could earn $90,000: Colin Craig's Incredible Claims Continue

Hot on the heels of a Conservative Party candidate proposing to double the price of a bottle of wine, Colin Craig has come up with an even more fantastic idea to buttress his uncosted tax policy.

ACT Backgrounder: Superannuation

As Leader of the ACT Party, I have on many occasions made it clear that ACT would strongly prefer to see the New Zealand Government led by John Key than by David Cunliffe or any of the other current pretenders to the throne.  And John Key has in turn made it clear that he would again be comfortable working with the ACT Party after the election by urging those who want a National-led Government and who live in Epsom to vote for the ACT candidate, David Seymour.

The efforts of New Zealand small businesses are being destroyed by the Law of Unintended Consequences Act (1925)

“I keep seeing reports that many small business people, the backbone of the country’s economy, are being put at risk of failure by well intended legislation that is having the effect of putting their businesses at peril,” said Dr Jamie Whyte, Leader of the ACT Party.

"For instance it is reported in the press that the owner of a guided fishing business in the Coromandel will no longer take tourists out on the water because of the high cost of new safety audits.

ACT’s five point plan to grow the economy

Tauranga, 15 September 2014
Extract from speech

ACT has a five point plan to double the rate of economic growth. The Treasury long term forecast for growth is 2% a year. We can lift it to 4%.

Two percentage points may not seem like much. But it is. Over just 15 years, it will make the difference between the economy growing by 35% and growing by 80%. That is a huge difference.

ACT’s plan is based on sound economics. It will deliver more than any plan of any other party.