No evidence or consultation behind Mt Eden car ban

LGOIMA release: Mt Eden car ban not based on erosion

The Maunga Authority received no substantive reports on Mt Eden erosion ahead of its decision to ban vehicles from the summit, Epsom MP David Seymour has revealed.

“I have specifically requested information on measured or estimated damage caused by vehicles on the maunga,” said Mr Seymour.

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The Harmful Digital Communications Bill
David Seymour fears this will be another case study in bad law-making and outlines why he opposes this Bill here. You have some dramatic event, to which people rightfully feel something should be done. Politicians feel compelled to do something. Creating a new law is doing something. It’s easy to assume it’s the right thing to do.

Free Thoughts - Harmful Digital Legislation

The Harmful Digital Communications Bill looks set to pass into law next week. I have voted against it, and have moved amendments in an attempt to improve the Bill. I want to explain why I oppose this Bill.

The legislation has good intentions – to protect people, especially young people, from online bullying.

But we can’t judge policies and programs by their intentions. It is results that matters. Bad legislation with good intentions is still bad legislation.