ACT’s plan to boost wages

ACT Leader David Seymour is proposing a programme of one per cent per year reductions in the company tax rate.

Company tax would drop by a percentage point each year for eight years, to a target of 20%.

“In Budget 2015, the Government should be signalling continuous improvement in our business environment, and this proposal does that,” said Mr Seymour.

ACT’s proposal would reduce revenue by around $170-180 million each year, which could be funded by a share of existing planned net expenditure growth and the phase-out of existing corporate welfare.

Nothing to fear from competition

The Government Working Group reviewing the effects of offshore online racing and sports betting should be investigating how to open the market up to more competition.

“We should not be restricting NZ gamblers’ options by further strengthening the TAB’s monopoly” said ACT Leader David Seymour.

“We should open the market up to more competition so NZ punters can access domestic odds that match the ones they can achieve via overseas betting agencies. Only an open market can achieve this.

Auckland Council fails to consult - Again

ACT Leader and Epsom MP David Seymour has criticised the process by which cars are set to be banned from Mt Eden/Maungawhau

“It is appalling that the Maunga Authority has refused to front media on this issue before the decision is made, but has a communications plan for after they’ve made it.

“Mt Eden is special to many people, its governance should be inclusive, but instead we will see electric gates and exclusion resulting from a secretive process.

Free Press 20/04/2015

Sharing Economy to be worth $335 Billion. Price Waterhouse Coopers project that the sharing economy, Uber, Air BnB, Chariot and the like, will be worth $335 billion worldwide by 2025.

Free Press 13/04/2015

It’s Catching Vernon Small of the Dom Post says ACT’s call to index tax brackets to inflation is a ‘canny policy.’ The only real downside?