Cop catch-up welcome but unimaginative

National’s policy of recruiting more cops is the right thing to do, but the Government will need some smarter ideas if it wants to tackle the causes of crime, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The increase will almost get us back to the 20.2 sworn officers per 10,000 of population that we had in 2009, but not quite,” said Mr Seymour.

ACT gears up for September 23

ACT Leader David Seymour has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of September 23 as election day.

“ACT is in its best shape for years. Our members are gearing up for a long campaign, and following our successful School of Practical Politics, we’ll have effective candidates in electorates across the country.

“Delivering ACT the balance of power is vital for denying Winston Peters a role in the Government. There should be no fourth strike for someone who has been kicked out of Cabinet by three different Prime Ministers.

Greens need to learn English first – ‘universal’ means compulsory

When the Greens say Te Reo Māori should be ‘universal’, what they really mean is they will use compulsion to socially engineer New Zealand, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Their first election year announcement could have been about housing, fixing educational failure, or raising productivity but instead they want to force Te Reo on students, who already have the choice of studying it. The Greens remain a party who put their ideology ahead of New Zealanders’ wellbeing,” says Mr Seymour.

Free Press - 30/01/2017

The Election is No Longer Next Year
That was our first thought on January 1st: election 2017 is upon us. ACT is better positioned than it has been for a decade. On the other hand, this will be the most fluid election since the pre-Key era (more on that below). Continued rational economic policy, let alone positive reform, will depend on ACT’s success.

PM’s Waitangi Day attendance should become a nationwide tour

ACT Leader David Seymour says the Prime Minister’s decision to attend a Ngāti Whātua event in Auckland on Waitangi Day should mark the beginning of a Waitangi tour.

“The Treaty wasn’t just signed in Waitangi. It was taken on tour and signed by chiefs across the country,” says Mr Seymour.

“Bill English’s attendance of the Auckland event should mark the beginning of a tour across the country. The Prime Minister could celebrate Waitangi Day at a different marae each year, based on the different signing sites from 1840.