“Housing Minister Megan Woods needs to do more than write a letter if she wants to get back control of the wayward Kāinga Ora,” says ACT Deputy Leader and Housing spokesperson Brooke van Velden.

“The evidence that Government Department Kāinga Ora knew Manurewa MP Arena Williams was planning to run as a Labour candidate but chose to pretend they were unaware, then ran a promotional piece about her anyway is damning.

“Under questioning in Parliament today from the ACT Party, Housing Minister Megan Woods said the only action she has taken is to write letter to Kāinga Ora and “ask for some advice” from the Public Service Commission.

“Woods might as well put her hands over ears and scream lalalala as she avoids all responsibility for her own department. She is in charge of this department and the buck stops with her.

“The Public Service Commission needs to look into this case as a matter of priority. The conduct from staff at Kāinga Ora is entirely unacceptable.

“New Zealanders deserve a neutral public service that is focussed on improving the lives of Kiwis, not one that is focussed on playing political favourites.”

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