“As New Zealand grinches towards Christmas, ACT is challenging Jacinda Ardern and Chris Hipkins to set a date for Freedom Day so we can start living our lives again,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“This proposal is not radically different from the Government’s eventual plan, we are simply saying they should set a timeframe and stick to it. The Government might be able to afford procrastination, too many others can’t.

“The Government got caught on the hop by Delta and not offers only uncertainty. It has gone on for too long. People will put up with a lot if they know when it ends, but Jacinda Ardern is careering from week to week with one madcap initiative after another.

“Those trapped in Level 3 are at boiling point. They watched with envy as vaccinated residents of New South Wales took the first sip of a pint at their local pub earlier this week. They need something to look forward to themselves.

“Yesterday Chris Hipkins threw the plan into further chaos with a totally contradictory and unsupported assertion that Auckland will get to zero cases. He even told journalists yesterday he still believes the elimination strategy is working.

“We finally have enough vaccine in New Zealand for everyone to be vaccinated. By December 1st, everyone will have had the chance to have had both shots and gained full immunity.

“ACT would take the following steps to Freedom:

1. Set the date and stick to it
2. Supercharge vaccination with community partnerships and financial incentives
3. Engage every sector in all-in sprints to reduce transmission, vaccination and death
4. Remove restrictions as we know them and get on with life

“ACT believes in personal responsibility. At some point we have to stop waiting for the stragglers, procrastinators, and crazies who believe anything they read online. Once everyone has had the opportunity to be vaccinated, it’s time to get on with life. ACT has said the date should be 1 December. If it’s not then, Ardern should say when.

“ACT has a plan that would get our freedom back. The Government took nine out of 15 our COVID 2.0 recommendations, we implore them to take out COVID 3.0 recommendations, roll them out and then set a date.

“Otherwise – Jacinda Ardern will be the grinch who stole Christmas.”

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