“Jacinda Ardern’s reasoning for forcing undemocratic union contracts on people who don’t want any part of them just doesn’t add up,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Government originally said only one or two industries would be affected by this policy, then in Parliament today Ardern said three or four, then admitted she didn’t really know how many. It’s clear this policy will affect many industries, whether they like it or not.

“Labour is using its blind ideology to look after its union mates. Union organisers make up almost 30 percent of Labour’s caucus but just 0.026 percent of the general population.

“Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Wood has met with unions at least 35 times in the past six months.

“When pushed in Parliament today, Ardern wouldn’t say how many agreements she expected would be signed.

“The Treasury has warned that Fair Pay Agreements could result in “widespread negative effects on employment.” Ardern said her Government would govern for all New Zealanders. This legislation only looks after her union friends.

ACT will fight these agreements. They’re a relic of the 1970s which have been dusted off purely to help Labour’s union mates. They will do nothing to advance hardworking middle New Zealanders.

“ACT will repeal this policy. You can help us send Labour a message by signing our petition.”