“The ACT Party has today launched a new campaign highlighting the issues facing New Zealand and our solutions those problems. ACT has been listening, we hear ya,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“This year ACT carried out 208 public meetings up and down the country, we listened to the concerns of New Zealanders around the cost of living crisis, rising crime and co-government.

“Whether it’s the government’s relentless borrowing and spending driving up inflation and making your trolley of groceries more expensive, the lack of consequences for crime empowering criminals to carry out brazen smash and grabs or ram raids, or the the government dividing New Zealanders based on race, Kiwis we’ve spoken to have had enough.

“This summer ACT will highlight the biggest issues Kiwis face. ACT doesn’t just oppose bad policies, we propose solutions to improve the lives of New Zealanders.

“This year ACT released policy documents with solutions to the cost of living crisis, crime, co-government, immigration, RMA reform and truancy.

“We have listened to your concerns and worked to create the best public policy in New Zealand. We will keep listening and keep working hard for you. We hear ya!”

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