“Police reports show that Te Pāti Māori has played fast and loose with the truth in their characterisation of an alleged home invasion. The police have confirmed there was no ‘home invasion’, there was no ‘ram raid’ and there was no racial motivation. They should apologise to all the genuine victims of serious crimes for making misleading criminal claims so they can play the victim,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The police report says “Police do not believe that the incidents have been racially motivated or coordinated. While we acknowledge that the incidents in which people have come on to the property will have been unsettling, we do not believe these constitute a home-invasion style entry into the house.”

“First there was zero evidence to their claims that race-baiting from political rivals caused the incident, now it has been confirmed the incident itself was not a ram raid or a home invasion at all. It instead sounds like they were the victim of an election hoarding theft, as have many other parties in the area.

“They have misled the people of New Zealand so they can smear their political rivals on the election campaign. This is politics at its lowest ebb.”

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