“Overseas New Zealanders are rightly confused and dismayed that Tourism New Zealand is advertising New Zealand as a holiday destination overseas when the border is closed,” says ACT’s Tourism spokesperson Dr James McDowall.

“Facebook Ad Library details active advertisements for 100% Pure New Zealand. Tourism New Zealand is whistling in the wind and wasting taxpayers’ money on a promise it can’t keep.

“Advertising when you’re out of stock never makes your shop more popular, and advertising holidays you can’t have likely has similar outcome.

“Tourism New Zealand is likely the victim of same disorganisation everyone else faces from this Government. I suspect the advertising campaign anticipated the borders would open, little did it know the Government would change its mind… again.

“Tourism New Zealand should say how much it’s spent on this fruitless campaign. Tourism Minister Stuart Nash should say whether he knew about it and endorsed it and whether he’s communicating with his department about Cabinet decision.

“Overseas New Zealanders who are desperate to come home have rightly felt bemused and confused when Facebook shows them an advertisement for the country they long to come back to but can’t.

"One ad reads: “Most people expect New Zealand to be all about beautiful scenery, incredible beaches, amazing wine and maybe the odd hobbit here and there. But it's the kindness of this place that'll really stay with you!"

“For overseas Kiwis desperate to come home, and for hardworking taxpayers who are footing the bill for this pointless advertising, these ads seem anything but kind.”

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