“Three Strikes was an ACT idea introduced in 2010 to send a signal to violent offenders that New Zealanders won’t tolerate repeated violent and sexual offending.

“The average Three Strikes offender had 75 convictions. Just 24 people were sentenced to a Third Strike. The total number of people sentenced to a first, second or third strike accounted for just one percent of the people sentenced in our courts. They were the worst of the worst. These offenders leave behind a long list of victims, some who will never fully recover from the trauma.

“Labour spent six years cuddling criminals and ignoring victims. We’re turning this around.

“Since Labour set a goal to reduce the prison population by 30 per cent, more criminals have been receiving home detention instead of going to jail. It was a priority for ACT to abolish this target which we secured as part of our coalition agreement.

“Victims of violent crime deserve justice and New Zealanders deserve to be safe.”

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