Tuesday, 2 March 2021

There is no long term COVID-19 strategy

“ACT applauds and endorses the business people who have written to the Government today asking what its longer term COVID-19 strategy is,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“We’d all like to know, but at the moment we have the blind leading the sighted.

“ACT has been calling for transparency on how the Government plans to reintegrate with the world for months.

“Does the Government not actually have a plan, or is it just too dangerous for people to know the answer?

“A key plank of ACT’s COVID-19 policy is involving the business community in providing the solutions to help keep the virus at bay and allow the economy to endure its effects.

“But there has been no openness, there is no sign of a plan or a strategy.

“It’s actually tragic that the Government is so divorced from the business community that it needs to ask to be pulled into the loop on this stuff.

“It’s clear that part of the problem – aside from the fact this Government doesn’t really trust business and doesn’t know how to talk to them – is there isn’t really a loop to be pulled into.

“The Prime Minister summed the Government’s approach to COVID-19 up perfectly yesterday when talking about talking about the vaccine programme and who will get vaccinated when.

“She said ‘this will be a rolling decision making programme.’

“Translation: ‘we’re going to be making this up as we go along.’

“The business community shouldn’t hold its breath. There is no coherent strategy to impart.”