“Taxpayers will be scratching their heads about why we’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars to rebrand our secret service,” says ACT’s Justice spokesperson Nicole McKee.

“ACT has revealed that the SIS spent $45,163 on a rebrand in the 2018-2019 financial year. Why are we spending tens of thousands of dollars on branding for a secret agency?

“Taxpayers will be spooked by the cost of this. At a time of rising costs for New Zealanders the Government should be trying to find ways to give the taxpayer a break, not commission new rebrands and renovations for Government departments.

“Is this a secret only all New Zealanders can know, or maybe they used invisible ink?

“This Government loves to spend money. It might seem like a small amount to Minister Andrew Little, but all of these costs add up. He needs to explain to New Zealanders why this was necessary and what the money was spent on.

“ACT believes every cent that someone pays in taxes should be spent wisely. Kiwis work hard for their money and want to know it’s going on things like health, education and law and order, not branding for a secret agency.”

The Written Parliamentary Question:
Portfolio: NZ Security Intelligence Service (Hon Andrew Little)
Question: How much money, if any, have agencies for which the Minister is responsible spent on rebranding over the last three financial years?
Reply: In financial year 2018-19 the Vetting Service within the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service was rebranded. A total of $45,163.10 was spent on this work.