“There’s no reason this project even needs to exist, it is a classic case of a government department that has taxpayers’ money to spend dreaming up ways to spend it. Treasury has told the government it isn’t value for money and advised the government to not proceed with funding it.

“We need to be encouraging beneficiaries to get back to work and make a difference in their own lives. How this website will help do that isn’t clear. There are already job search websites such as Seek.co.nz, plus work and income has a website for finding jobs. No one has explained what the point of having another one is.

“Wasteful spending like this is what is making life harder for Kiwi families. Because the Government hasn’t tightened its belt, families and household are having to do the belt tightening for them. ACT says the next Government must bring relief by cutting wasteful spending.

“ACT will cancel projects like this. We will ensure the public service is less focussed on spending and more focussed on outcomes with KPIs and incentives, and real accountability to taxpayers.

“The culture of welfare dependency is hurting New Zealand’s productivity, with able Kiwis choosing to reside on a benefit rather than play their part in society and work. New websites aren’t going to fix it, there needs to be a values shift towards obligations. The benefit is there to get people back on their feet, not to rely on.

“ACT will bring real change with policies designed to grow the economy, not waste more money. We will allow more Kiwis to find work and create a better future for their families.”

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