ACT Party Tauranga candidate Cameron Luxton is calling on his fellow Tauranga candidates to front up to Today FM.

“This morning I appeared on Tova on Today FM. I was asked on after National’s new candidate refused to go on the show," says Mr Luxton. 

“National might think that it owns the Tauranga seat, but it actually belongs to the people of Tauranga.  

“Refusing to do interviews and thinking you can coast through on the Party’s brand shows arrogance and the electorate deserves better. 

“The people of Tauranga should be able to scrutinise the people who are standing to represent them. 

“ACT is a serious contender in this race. We’re aiming to send a message to Wellington that it’s time for real change. 

“Our polling in Tauranga shows that ACT is considered the strongest opposition party in Parliament. Other candidates should not be taking their position for granted. 

“I’m campaigning hard for this seat. I’ll be out with the ACT Party bus this week talking to residents about the issues that matter to them. 

“I’m happy to talk to Tova any time. All candidates should be.”