“The Government needs to stop the briefing games and move on MIQ and Step 3 for Auckland,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. 

“This morning two New Zealand Herald articles separately reported MIQ will be dumped in mid-December, while other journalists are being told there is no u-turn. On MIQ, and moving Auckland to Step 3, the ambiguity should stop on Monday, if not today.

“Auckland border testing started Government ministers’ habit of playing games with the public who’ve had enough. Ministers sent conflicting signals about who’d be tested where and when for a week before the policy was announced.

“Had the Prime Minister ventured beyond a few scripted opportunities to understand the pain Aucklanders are facing, she’d be making clear announcements on Auckland’s restrictions and the future of MIQ.

“On MIQ, the Government should announce that people will not be prevented from entering New Zealand if they pose less of a threat than people already here. Restrictions on their right to enter New Zealand should not go beyond what is justified in a free and democratic society, and a fully vaccinated, negative tested person entering New Zealand poses no more danger to New Zealanders than those already here. MIQ should be dumped. 

“There is no reason for Auckland not to be at Step 3. Vaccination rates, hospital occupancy, and case numbers say hairdressers and hospo should be able to safely open. There’s no reason to stop them if we’re a ‘free and democratic society,’ as the Bill of Rights says.

“There is no reason for the Prime Minister not to set the policy today. She should stop the briefing wars where her ministers give mixed messages to a beleaguered public. She should simply state that she won’t stall people entering the country if they’re safer than those already here, she won’t stop Auckland hairdressers and hospo now she’s run out of reasons to."