“Labour needs to stop tinkering with petrol taxes, get back to fixing our roads, and instead let people keep more of the money they earn”, says ACT’s Transport spokesperson Simon Court.

“ACT would go back to collecting enough money to maintain our roads and cut taxes elsewhere.

“It used to be that a Rocky Road was something Kiwis looked forward to, not the grim reality of life under Labour.

“The quickest way to get money to where it’s needed most is to cut income taxes. ACT’s alternative budget showed how that was possible by reducing spending by $7.2 billion without touching core services.

“The Government’s two-month extension to the petrol tax cut has kicked the can down the road because it realised it was stupid to put up the price of petrol during the summer holidays.

“The real answer to the cost of living crisis is for the Government to restrain its wasteful spending, cut income taxes, get the Reserve Bank back to focusing solely on inflation, allowing businesses to recruit from offshore, and stop loading productive Kiwis up with red tape.”

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