“ACT can reveal the true cost to taxpayers so Chris Hipkins could bring a spare plane overseas with him – spoiler alert, it’s a lot more than flying commercial,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“ACT requested the total operating and capital expenditure for the two Boeing 757s, as well as the number of hours flown. After crunching the numbers, it turns out Hipkins’ extravagance cost the New Zealand taxpayer between $62k and $97k per hour. Ten times more than the $8,730 per hour that was reported at the time.

“The Acting Prime Minister claimed at the time that taking two planes overseas was cheaper than potentially flying commercial. At the time this seemed unlikely, in hindsight we can safely say she had no idea what she was talking about.

“Just remember, the Government also tried to claim bringing a spare plane was a perfectly common thing to do, then it was revealed that was literally the first time they had done it. They’ll say anything to not take accountability for their actions.

“Some people might bring a spare phone charger with them while travelling overseas in case they lose one or it breaks. Chris Hipkins didn’t need to bring a spare Boeing aircraft with him. This extravagance is typical of Labour’s wasteful attitude and reckless disregard for Kiwis’ money.

“This is worth noting when we see New Zealand’s inflation figures remain stubbornly high in comparison to the rest of the world. Labour wastes money with reckless abandon, and never take responsibility for the effect this has on the economy.”

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