Monday, 7 September 2020

SMEs have been hurt enough by this Government

“The Government has carried out a large scale assault on businesses, even before adding the costs of another public holiday,” says ACT’s SME spokesperson Chris Baillie.

“Businesses have it done it tough this this year. They’ve been forced by the Government to close their doors, many having to let go of staff or have gone completely out of business.

“Every time there is a public holiday employers either lose a day of productivity, or pay their staff time and a half and a day in lieu.

“As a small business owner – I know first hand what an impact this will have.

“We’re facing some of the hardest economic times this country has seen. A policy like this is pure madness when we’re in a recession.

“The Government has shown how anti-business it is by raising the minimum wage while we were in lockdown and taking away 90-day trial periods.

“ACT has a fully-costed plan for economic recovery, which keeps the debt low, cuts taxes, and gets the country back to surplus, while keeping Kiwis in work.”

Our policy can be found here