“The Director General of Health’s admission that the Ministry has known that five people may not have been fully vaccinated for weeks is completely unacceptable and leaves questions about whether this was a botched coverup,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. 

“Radio NZ has revealed today that an investigation has begun after staff at the Highbrook vaccination centre last month realised there was an extra vial left over at the end of a day of 732 vaccinations.

“Bloomfield today confirmed that MOH has known for five weeks. Only now are they starting to contact people. 

“COVID Response Minister Chris Hipkins has known “for a few weeks.” He admitted at Health Select Committee when questioned by ACT Deputy Leader Brooke van Velden that there may be another case where this has happened but he had absolutely no details.  

“Hipkins has described the delay as “regrettable” which is the understatement of the lockdown. 

“Why weren’t the people notified? Why was this kept secret? Why wasn’t any action taken until media became involved? Why weren’t media told at 1pm that there was another case of this happening? When will we get the details of the second case? 

“This Government has a reputation for being anything but open and transparent but this case takes it too far. 

“It’s time to start treating New Zealanders like adults and tell us what is going on.”