“Releasing snippets and hiding other parts of the transcript only makes the Kiri Allan speech to RNZ more suspicious. RNZ should clear up any lingering doubts and release the whole transcript, like they did to the PM’s office,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“RNZ have revealed excerpts of Kiri Allan’s speech to the NZ Herald, but have hidden the rest; ”We are of the view that Ms Allan’s speech, made at a private farewell with family and friends present, where speakers were encouraged to speak openly, involves a privacy interest that should be protected under section 9(2)(a) OIA… In particular the strong expectation of privacy in the context of a farewell done in accordance with RNZ tikanga. Specifically, we consider that attendees have privacy interests that warrant protection.”

Written Parliamentary Questions show that RNZ didn’t have such concerns when they showed the transcript to the Prime Minister’s office. RNZ sent it to the Prime Minister’s staff the day the story broke.

“Labour has seen the transcript and they don’t want it released. The PM’s office say it’s not their responsibility because they’re just recipients of the transcript and not the creators, while Broadcasting Minister Willie Jackson refuses to comment other than to say “it’s an operational matter.”

“If the Minister has got nothing to hide, why wouldn’t she take the open and transparent approach Labour has long promised and ask for the tape to be released?

“A Minister’s words carry weight, even when they are carried out while “speaking as an individual”. When a Cabinet Minister is addressing a room full of employees at a Government-funded organisation, they should at least be accountable enough to stand by what they say publicly.

“Labour once claimed it was “the most open and transparent Government ever.” Labour’s now so transparent we can see right through them. If there’s nothing in the transcript they have nothing to fear in having it released.”

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