“The Auditor General’s annual report on school spending is an eye-opening look at wasteful spending in school administration,” says ACT Education spokesperson Laura Trask.

“Taxpayers forking out $6 million a year on wellbeing grants for highly-paid school administrators is concerning enough. Then we learn that the Ministry of Education doles out these payments with instructions to ‘treat yourself’. At that point it’s taking the piss. It stinks of a Ministry aiding and abetting the worst instincts of largesse in school administration.”

“With this kind of spending ‘guidance’, it’s little wonder that principals are charging taxpayers for their personal vacations and Ab King Pros. I just feel for the kids and parents who’ve been gaslit by successive governments into believing that there’s no money in the pot for decent school facilities or warm, dry classrooms.”

“Such brazen admin-level waste is often just the tip of the iceberg. ACT continues to advocate for vigilance against wasteful spending across all sectors and is pleased that the Ministry of Education is under new management.”

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