“The latest import-export data from Stats NZ has reinforced how important pastoral farming is to New Zealand’s wellbeing, even though Labour and the Greens are intent on taxing the life out of it,” says ACT’s Primary Industries spokesperson Mark Cameron.

“Goods exports have increased $7.0 billion (10.7 per cent) to $73.0 billion, driven by dairy products, including milk powder, butter, and cheese. Despite the constant beating it takes, rural New Zealand has carried on paying New Zealand's way.

“The primary sector kept New Zealand afloat during the Covid pandemic, it’s the only thing keeping New Zealand’s economy going through the Labour Government’s borrow and spend crisis as well.  

“ACT is proud to stand up for rural New Zealand and has been its loudest voice in Parliament. Just this morning the Prime Minister was forced to rule out a fertiliser tax after ACT forced them into revealing work on it last month.

“Tomorrow we will release our Primary Industries policy, focussed on pulling back on the heavy-handed regulation and central planning coming out of Wellington and letting farmers get on with what they do best.

“If New Zealanders want a growing economy that gets on top of inflation the primary sector is essential. That’s why ACT is campaigning to end the endless red tape and regulation, to give farmers certainty they won’t be unfairly taxed, to ensure they can get staff when they need them, and to give them – not central planners in Wellington – control over how they do things. 

“New Zealand farmers are the best in the world, and they’ve had to confront plenty of challenges recently. Despite this they’ve carried on producing and continue to keep New Zealand’s economy afloat. We are proud to be the voice for rural New Zealand.”

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