“Chris Hipkins’ ‘policy bonfire’ is no such thing. He’s just putting a bunch of unpopular policies on ice in election year,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Many of the policies that Hipkins has tried to run from are still lingering. He just wants people to forget about them as the election approaches. His Government is failing to show Kiwis respect, transparency or accountability.

“Co-governance is one of Labour’s most divisive policies, brought on by He Puapua. As much as Hipkins tries to avoid the subject it is still being implemented in policies like Three Waters, and Willie Jackson has confirmed He Puapua is still on the agenda, he said in a statement “Cabinet has deferred further work on the Declaration Plan until late 2023.”

“Despite being put on the ‘bonfire’, undemocratic Hate Speech Laws are still coming. Justice Minister Kiri Allan told Q+A last week that she’s still committed to introducing them.

“Even Income Insurance hasn’t been totally scrapped. MBIE has just started advertising for Senior Policy Advisors specialising in Income Insurance Policy.

“Labour has been responsible for too many broken promises, failed solutions, and empty rhetoric for anyone to buy the ‘policy bonfire’ as anything more than cynical politics.

“Kiwi families are struggling just to keep their head above water, if Labour return to office in October then they will be left with a Government no different to the one that got the country into this mess.

“ACT has policy based that provides solutions to real problems. We’ve got extensive policy to address the cost of living crisis and provide tax relief to New Zealanders, to get kids back in school, to get more workers in the country, to make it easier for Kiwis to use their land, to create more infrastructure and more.

“ACT says we need more than a change of government – we need a government of real change.”

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