Slashing Wasteful Government Spending

Wasteful Government spending relies on money taken from Kiwis’ pockets, as well as resulting in inflation, which further drives up the cost of living. ACT would ensure that taxpayer money is spent efficiently and effectively.

Easing the tax burden on Kiwis

Real change means serious tax relief for working Kiwis. It's wrong for the Government to take so much tax when so many are struggling, and when politicians waste so much of it.

Creating safer communities

Real change means putting victims first and holding criminals accountable. Crime is out of control. Ram raids, gang violence, smash and grabs, gun crime. Kiwis have had enough.

Teaching kids for better futures

Real change means every child showing up to school. A good education is the most important thing kids need if they’re to grow up to have a fulfilling life as contributing members of society.


Repealing Red Tape

Real change means launching a war on red tape. New Zealand is plagued by red tape introduced by various Governments that have passed laws as a knee-jerk reaction to negative headlines. ACT will revolutionise how government regulates New Zealand to improve productivity, increase wages for workers, and lower prices.


Ending divisive race-based policies

Real change means one set of laws for all New Zealanders. ACT says that no-one should be treated differently based on who their ancestors were.

Supporting Rural New Zealand

Real change means treating rural New Zealand with the respect it deserves. With the right approach, and ACT's practical solutions, we can again see the rural sector as an essential and valued part of the economy.