“The Police Minister has continued his supremely arrogant approach to the gun buyback scheme, confirming in Parliament today that experts had just five hours to price every banned gun in New Zealand”, ACT Leader David Seymour says.

“Stuart Nash also said he believed it was fair that only a few hours were set aside to create a price list for a potentially $1 billion gun buyback.

“This exemplifies the high-handed approach of the Government which began with April’s legislative process.

ACT was the only party to oppose that legislation.

“Firearms owners should have been welcomed as part of the law reform process but forcing legislation through in just nine days with little regard for public input and parliamentary scrutiny sent a message of disdain.

“The Government needs to realise that, in order to make the buyback a success, it needs the gun community onside.

“By rushing the process, ignoring the advice of experts, and paying gun owners a fraction of what their firearms are worth, the Government risks a situation where firearms go underground, creating a larger black market and a less safe country.

“The Government has an opportunity to treat gun owners fairly and create a safer country. It must take it.”