“The Prime Minister’s refusal to admit the Government failed to increase Police numbers by the promised 1800 is yet another example of failure to deliver covered up by spin, says ACT’s Police spokesperson Chris Baillie.

“We’ve watched as crime on our streets has escalated. There are shootings in Central Auckland and reports of gang crime most days. 

“The Prime Minister and Winston Peters promised an additional 1800 Police. When they failed Jacinda stopped taking attrition into account. It’s this kind of spin that leaves the public losing faith in politicians. Just be honest, Prime Minister.

“ACT commends Police Minister Poto Williams for being up front about the failure. She admitted to me under questioning in Parliament that the target won’t be reached until 2023.

“Politicians need to stop using Police as a political football. As a former Police Officer myself – I know Police just want to get on with doing the job and not be used by politicians.

“ACT has a practical solution. For too long, Police have been subject to a political auction as major parties bid for new money in the lead up to elections. Policing isn’t about politics; it’s about keeping New Zealanders safe.

‘That’s why ACT would automatically adjust police staffing budgets in line with population increases.

“We need an enduring solution for police numbers that stops the police force becoming a political football every three years.

“Crime doesn’t wait for an election, and neither can the Police. This policy provides a predictable and steady level of resourcing for the Police that sets a floor for their recruitment.”