Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Prime Minister must rule out Ihumātao loan

ACT Leader David Seymour is calling on the Prime Minister to rule out giving money to the Kīngitanga, Tainui or any third party for the purposes of purchasing land at Ihumātao.

“In Parliament this afternoon, I gave Jacinda Ardern the opportunity to deny her Government was in discussions to loan or give a third party money, but she said she didn’t want to prejudice negotiations between mana whenua and the Kīngitanga”, says Mr Seymour.

“I asked the PM how it would prejudice negotiations to say the Government wasn’t in such discussions and she was unable to answer.

“If the Government isn’t in negotiations with a third party and isn’t planning to loan or give money to purchase the land, the Prime Minister should be able to say so.

“Jacinda Ardern must rule out such a scenario because it would be a nightmare for New Zealand.

“It amounts to saying that if a group camps out on private property for long enough, the rightful owner might be bullied into selling it. People need to be able to own property, and plan their futures around using it, such as by building homes.

“Our prosperity depends on secure property rights.

“The current system of property rights enjoys support from all New Zealanders. It is the Government’s job to defend that system on behalf of New Zealanders, both Māori and Pākehā.

“Jacinda Ardern must rule out giving money to the Kīngitanga, Tainui or any third party and call on the protestors at Ihumātao to respect property rights and leave the land to its rightful owners.”