“Jacinda Ardern’s comment that allowing people to use the toilet at a friend's house is a “luxury” sums up all that is wrong with her COVID response,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Just this morning the ACT Party said the Government needed to give clarity on the traffic light system – sadly Jacinda Ardern didn’t give our advice the green light.

“What we need is clarity and consistency. Jacinda all but admitted that today’s levels are not in line with the framework she first announced.

“Jacinda needs to tell us the logic behind the Red Lights. Why are some areas that have no, or very low rates of COVID Red? Is it to force up vaccination rates?

“Equally, why when Auckland has high vaccination rates is it in Red? Why isn’t the South Island Green?

“If she is concerned about areas with low vaccination rates, but they have no COVID, why not put them in orange until Auckland opens up?

“Again, she rolled out her line that the rules need time to “bed in.”

“None of it makes any sense. As usual the Government is just making it up as it goes along.

“What we need are clear rules of the game. What we need is logic and clarity.”

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