Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Out of touch Peters should discover Hallensteins

Winston Peters’ comments that the menswear industry is ‘fleecing’ customers shows how out of touch he really is, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

"Mr Peters is well-known for enjoying the finer things in life and this undoubtedly extends to his sartorial taste.

"But if he were in touch with the common bloke, he would know that successful Kiwi company Hallensteins offers men’s suits for $200, proving there is plenty of competition in the menswear industry.

"He really should ditch his personal tailor.

"Peters also suggests the banking industry lacks competition. Kiwibank - set up by the Clark Government - was supposed to fix this.

"What will the Commerce Commission achieve that an additional government-owned competitor hasn’t been able to?

"Peters’ comments show how the Commerce Commission’s new powers will be misused for political purposes.

"Politicians and bureaucrats will turn on industries they don’t favour, tying them up for months or even years in paperwork, without delivering better outcomes for consumers."