Jacinda Ardern stressed the independence of the Covid Royal Commission while at the same time hamstringing it by limiting its terms of reference, giving it very little scope to investigate whether major reductions to our freedoms were justified.

All New Zealanders were affected by the previous government’s Covid response, and we shouldn’t have to rely on ad hoc challenges in the Courts to answer basic questions like whether government agencies were justified in curtailing our rights and freedoms.

ACT was very pleased to secure a commitment in its coalition agreement to open up the terms of the inquiry. New Zealanders can now tell the Royal Commission exactly what they think it should investigate, whether it’s the justification of vaccine mandates and extended lockdowns, or the impact of lockdowns on business and kids’ schooling.

ACT opposed the previous Government's heavy-handed mandates, proposing a vax or test alternative instead.

ACT is encouraging New Zealanders to have their say on the Covid inquiry at www.covid19inquiry.nz.

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