“The entire country of New Zealand has given less support to Ukraine than Larry Ellison as we continue to be the weakest link in the West,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The announcement today of $5 million is pathetic when we have Javelin missiles sitting unused. The Chief of Defence, Air Marshall Kevin Short told media today that Ukrain would take whatever they can get.

“Instead of fire power that is desperately needed, we’ve spent $5 million. We spent ten times more on a bridge that was never even built.

“Jacinda Ardern tried to defend our decision not to send our Javelin missiles by saying it would take three years to replace them. Other countries are replacing their stock with the much more up to date Saab Next Generation Light Anti Tank Weapons which have a much shorter order time.

“It’s a desperate situation in Ukraine and they need weapon support as they fight for their lives.

“Today’s announcement was incredibly disappointing. New Zealand should be doing much more to prove we are not the weakest link in the West.”

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