“With the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research’s (NZIER) latest forecasts showing subdued economic growth for the next two years, it’s clearer than ever that New Zealand’s economic recovery, and eventual economic strength for New Zealand, will require real change,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“NZIER has revised its forecasts to predict slower economic growth and a higher inflation outlook over the next two years. Forecasts are softening because the Government isn’t showing a path back to prosperity for New Zealand’s economy.

“New Zealand is suffering from a crisis of values. The country was built on hard work but Government policy is more focused on dividing than growing, the value of working hard to get ahead is being eroded so why would you bother?

“ACT is committed to fixing New Zealand’s economy and creating a more productive and prosperous future isn’t just the biggest issue facing Kiwis today, it is the biggest issue for generations to come.

“This is why Kiwis can’t afford pharmaceuticals. Its why families have been hit harder by the cost of living crisis. It means there’s less money to put away for retirement.

“The next Government can deal with the hard issues, or it can carry on pretending they don’t exist. Successive governments have ignored problems and taken the easy road and New Zealanders are paying the price. Labour’s approach is just continuing the decline away from first world status.

“ACT is committed to cutting waste from government and returning that money to New Zealanders through lower taxes and targeted, sensible spending on core public services.

“ACT will ensure quality public services by setting clear targets for chief executives and removing the scourge of identity politics from the public service.

“ACT will cut down on red tape and regulation by insisting the problem is defined and the cost and benefits are compared before the new rule is made, this is essential to restore the number 8 wire Kiwi can-do attitude. So people can spend more time producing and less time complying.

“People like to think of New Zealand as a first world country but our income figures tell a different story. Until we have a government focussed on economic growth we will continue to see tragedies in our health system, out of control crime, diminishing education standards and poverty.

“These challenges can be addressed, but in order to do that there needs to be a strong economy built around creating conditions for prosperity, giving people the opportunity to get ahead. New Zealanders face a choice: more of the same, or real change.”

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