ACT Leader David Seymour is welcoming the Prime Minister’s announcement of nine new Government Targets for 2030, including two to be delivered by ACT Ministers.

“Every child growing up in New Zealand deserves the opportunity to become the best version of themselves. That means being engaged at school and motivated to steer clear of criminal behaviour.”

As Minister for Children, Karen Chhour will be responsible for reduced child and youth offending. The target announced today is a 15 per cent reduction in the total number of children and young people with serious and persistent offending behaviour.

“Karen will take the lead on reducing youth offending with her work setting up military-style academies and a new serious young offender category. As someone who’s been through the child protection system herself, she understands the importance of both care and discipline in delivering happy futures for vulnerable young people.”

As Associate Education Minister, David Seymour will be responsible for increased student attendance. The target announced today is that 80 per cent of students are present for more than 90 per cent of the term.

“The great promise of education is to offer every child a shot at a decent life. But a school system is only effective when students are inspired to show up and be engaged, and parents are motivated to do their part in getting their kids to school. I’m looking forward to announcing an Attendance Action Plan very, very soon.”

“ACT policies will also be crucial in meeting other Government Targets announced today:

  • For fewer people on the Jobseeker Support Benefit, the Government will implement ACT’s coalition commitment of sanctions for beneficiaries who refuse to take agreed steps to find a job.
  • For more students at expected curriculum levels, we’re bringing back Charter Schools to better engage young people underserved by the mainstream school system.
  • To reduce violent crime, Nicole McKee will restore Three Strikes and give greater weight to gang membership as a factor in sentencing."

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