“The making of a new Health Act order shows that the Government didn’t have the rules straight before,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Prime Minister spent most of the week attacking citizens for breaking rules that didn’t exist, at the end of the week the Government puts such rules in place. The introduction of these rules should be accompanied by an apology.

“ACT has been saying since last year that making good rules of the game is a critical role of Government, unclear rules were a major factor in the outbreak.

“However the failure of rulemaking was not as significant as the failure of contact tracing. The outbreak was a small one, with apparently only 15 people all linked to each other. Contract tracing failed to identify all of these connections, requiring a second lockdown.

“Astonishingly, Ashley Bloomfield announced that two contacts remain at large, but promises they will be found at some point.

“We can only hope for luck to save us again from another lock down. We certainly cannot rely on the Government’s rule making or contact tracing for any level of confidence in containing an outbreak.”

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