Jacinda Ardern has revealed the true source of her Government’s infantilising policies: schoolchildren.

“The Prime Minister today outlined her vision for New Zealand, a country in which the state coddles Kiwis from cradle to grave”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Ms Ardern told the Labour Party faithful that schoolchildren have asked her to ‘pass laws’, ‘make everything free’, and ‘ban products we don’t like’ – and she’s listening.

“Her Government has banned charter schools, oil and gas exploration, letting fees, foreign homebuyers, and plastic bags.

“It's set to take $860 million more in taxes each year by 2022, and that’s before the Tax Working Group puts it hand in Kiwis’ wallets.

“And the handouts are coming thick and fast – Fees-Free, the Families Package, Winter Energy Payments, the Provincial Growth Fund, and KiwiBuild.

“The underlying message being delivered to New Zealanders is that, if you’ve got a problem, nanny’s here to solve it.

“ACT believes something the Prime Minister doesn’t – New Zealanders can look after themselves.

“Any future government ACT is a part of will let Kiwis keep more of their own money, providing incentives to work, save and invest. It will cut red tape, allowing businesses to grow and houses to be built. Educational choice will replace a one-size-fits-all schooling.”

For now, the nanny state is back.