“New research from Otago University shows once again that New Zealanders are overwhelmingly in support of choice and legalising assisted dying,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. 

A study released by Otago University found an average of 68.3 per cent of respondents were in support of euthanasia, 14.9 per cent opposed to legalisation and 15.7 per cent unsure or neutral.

The researchers compiled the results of 36,304 respondents from 26 studies over the last 20 years and reached the conclusion that the majority of New Zealanders are open to legislative change. 

“This is the exact opposite of what opponents of the End of Life Choice Bill have been spouting and puts any claim to the contrary to rest,” says Mr Seymour.  

“The large number of submissions made against the Bill are no match for scientific surveys and polls.

“More New Zealander’s views were counted in this research than the total number of people who submitted to Parliament this year on the Bill.

“The resounding opinion is loud and clear - it’s time to legalise assisted dying.”