“The Ministry of Health has let down the attendees of Soundsplash with a complete lack of information, it’s just as well parents and schools have taken charge,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Ministry and Government are more than happy to insert themselves into the lives of all New Zealanders with heavy restrictions and by confiscating Rapid Antigen Tests – but when it comes to warning people about the spread of COVID it sits on its hands.

“It was up to concerned parents to reach out to politicians and the media when cases were identified. Now it’s been left up to Auckland Grammar to send at risk students home to isolate after receiving no guidance from the Ministries of Health or Education.

“I commend these parents and the principal for taking these sensible steps – it’s not good enough the Ministry wasn’t faster with information or advice.

“The Ministry of Health should spend less time confiscating people’s property and more time doing what it’s meant to – managing public health.”